January 19, 2009

Billy Elephant shouldn't have to be alone

by pawlitico

Billy Elephant is 23 years old and he lives alone at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Billy walking around in zoo enclosure
I'd like to ask Billy whether the zoo's claim is true that he receives good care from the staff. He pawbably does. Who wouldn't fall in love with Billy and want to take care of him?

Billy has been the focus recently of a raging argument over his living arrangements. The argument is whether the zoo should build a Pachyderm Forest for Billy or retire Billy to an elephant sanctuary.

You'll find thoughtful comments on both sides of the issue, that's fur sure.

It's not my intention to add to the debate. I know how I feel about zoos and cages. But as a corgi, my area of knowledge doesn't extend to habitat issues and why zoos can't be transformed into humane habitats.

So I paw-write about Billy for one reason, the thing I doo know: Elephants are social creatures and it's a sin to make them live alone.

Billy Elephant
While humans are busy arguing about Billy's future, they should be finding him a furriend right now! He's got decades of life ahead of him, and he needs a buddy.

To see how social elephants are, watch the youtube about elephant furriends at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. It features Tarra, a 30-plus-year-old Burmese elephant who's best furriends with a dog named Bella.

Paw-note: To read some of the debate over Billy, click here to see blog and comments.


Annabelle said...

I have to agree with you about Billy- however well looked after he may be at the zoo, it's such a vastly artificial environment compared to the natural habitat of elephants, it must have some impact - a bit like making us humans go and live in the jungle instead of in a comfy house! How fantastic is the video of the elephant and Bella the dog!!

JB's Big World said...

We heard about Billy on the news tonight. Very sad. We also saw the story about the other elephant and the dog.....such sweet friends.