August 19, 2012

Welsh corgi dog scene from Elvis movie Blue Hawaii

by winecountrydog Tilin Corgi

Mum told ourwoofselves that the first Welsh corgi she ever saw was when she was taken to the theatre to see an Elvis movie called Blue Hawaii.

Mum sez she had been too little to understand the silly movie let alone know what a corgi was. In dog-honest-fact, sez Mum, herself didn't remember the movie or the corgi till Blue Hawaii was on TV a couple of years back.

Doo you think Mum could have been left with a subliminal corgi image from very early childhood? Is the image what caused her pawsitive response when she saw a corgi again years later? . . . Who does know.

Anyhowl this is youtube of the corgi scene in Blue Hawaii.

That corgi was a smart fella eh!

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