January 28, 2011

Happy Year of the "Doggie Moms"!

by winecountrydog Jack Nippers

The human in the video below is New Yorker Karen Biehl. She is a dog lover who feels that she and her Chihuahua furriend, Eli, are "like soul mates" and that they "have a purpose together."

Call the sense of purpose far-fetched if you want. But we doo see nothin wrong with Karen's devotion to her rescued dog furriend.

If you watch telly, furhaps you can meet Eli and Karen and the other "Doggie Moms," on their reality series. It begins airing in February 2011 exclusively on NYC Media (nyc.gov/media). The series entails five women navigating New York City with their dog furriends. They go to gallery openings, Yappy Hours, costume pup-day parties, red carpet events, and lots of other pawlaces they doo manage to get into.

Wot a grrreat face and pawsonality Eli the Chihuahua has! And wot grrreat commitment the "doggie moms" have to raising money fur local charities and animal groups, and fur raising awareness bout animal rescue, pet adoption, and responsible pet guardianship.

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